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Women Who Tri

May 26th, 2017 | by Annie Lewis
Women Who Tri

Women in Triathlon

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The Long Course Weekend in Mallorca is launching this year, and it is going against the grain!
It looks as though times are changing for women in sports, women in Triathlon’s especially.
Triathlons have been named as the best sport for women who wants to compete equally against men.

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With our events we usually see a 70/30 (sometimes less) split men to women participation, already LCW Mallorca are seeing a 60/40 men to women split!
In the categories 45-49 and 65-69 the females are dominating the entries.

This is a pretty impressive rise seeing as the Triathlon Industry Association reported only 26% of participation in Triathlons was female in 2015.
Does this highlight a change in Triathlon, or ladies is it that a Triathlon with a Spanish setting is just much more appealing to you?

Statistics also show that women are less likely to drop out of a sporting event than men.
Now gentlemen we aren’t calling you quitters, statistics do show there are more of you (so more of you to potentially drop out)!

Overall figures in British Triathlons show that in the under 16 category female to male ratio is 46.4/63.9.
This is reflected in this years LCW Mallorca figures!

Is this just the Triathlon popularity increasing or is it an increase of females in sport overall?
Are our younger female generation more involved and active, or are we going to say it is a combination of both?


But what we can definitely say is we are seeing an ever increasing amount of strong, dedicated, fast female Triathletes!

Keep the sign ups coming Ladies!

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