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Beating winter bugs and staying healthy in the offseason

Beating winter bugs and staying healthy in the offseason

Our top 5 tips to staying healthy over winter

It’s the season to be jolly but also the season for coughs and colds. Getting ill can be a frustrating time when your training regularly so read on for my top 5 tips on preventing coughs and colds but also treating them if the dreaded bugs do take hold!

1. Avoid energy restriction

There may be a tendency to cut back on your energy intake during the winter months but while training load may be lighter if you do modify your intake do this sensibly – cutting back too much (particularly on carbohydrate) can increase your risk of getting ill so be sensible and ensure you are fuelling your training sessions appropriately and not neglecting your recovery nutrition.

Avoid winter colds and bugs with our top 5 tips

Don't neglect your nutrition post workout for the sake of "cutting down" for winter

2. Sleep quality

Lack of sleep is directly linked to a 4-x fold increase in the risk of becoming ill and can also decrease the nutritional quality of your diet so make sure you get some good quality sleep.

Avoiding colds in the offseason

Skipping that beauty sleep may be leaving you vulnerable to winter colds

3. Eat a Rainbow

Make sure your meals contain lots of colour! Fruit and vegetables contain antioxidant vitamins which protect us from becoming ill. Try including fruit /vegetables at each of your meals for a vitamin boost.

avoid winter colds with a healthy diet

4. Supplements

A food first approach is always the best way of protecting your health but there are some supplements that can be beneficial. In terms of preventing illness probiotics can be an useful addition to your diet and there is also evidence that Vitamin C and Zinc Acetate can reduce the duration of a cold.

Avoiding colds in the offseason

5. Stay Hydrated

Our bodies are 70% water – staying hydrated is essential to maintaining our health, well-being and performance. Not drinking enough can increase your risk of illness and injuries so keep an eye on your fluid intake.

Avoid winter colds and bugs

For further Information and practical tips refer to Victoria Prendiville's Article on Beating Winter Bugs and Staying Healthy

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Victoria Prendiville
Victoria Prendiville

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