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Benefits of Cycling

February 6th, 2019 | by Sarah Wills
Benefits of Cycling

The Benefits of Cycling


So why cycle?
Is it to be part of some of our great events, you don’t have to be a triathlete to get involved. The Wales Sportive offers a the chance for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery by cycling around the Pembrokeshire course with a choice of distances you can decide how tough your cycle can be.


Tempted to it? If you have never entered a Sportive before or even sat on a bike for quite sometime , but something is tempting you – let us tel you some of the benefits that giving into that temptation will bring you…

Amazing for weight loss (if that is a something your after)…and kind to your body, unlike running. Instead of pounding over double your weight through your body into the pavement, your saddle takes the weight – taking the pressure off your skeleton. Oh and burning around 500 calories per hour.

With cycling can come new lifelong friendships. A new interest opens you up to a whole new group of people, make some friends for life through cycling (who also can turn out to be the best people to give you advice when it comes to cycling).


You can also get where you need to be faster. Cycling to work can help you avoid the rush hour. You will be making better use of your time, instead of sat in a car frustrated you’ll be getting where you need to be, when you need to be there – stress free!
Not to mention the benefits not driving you car has on the environment and your spend on petrol.

From here we lead perfectly onto how cycling increases your mood.
“There is a direct link between feelings of well-being and exercise” Professor Henning Boecker.


More great news…you can eat more. If two breakfasts is music to your ears then cycling to work gives you the perfect excuse to add extra snacks to your day without the post-snack guilt.

Another small benefit to add to the list, your health! Not only will you  be fitter, increasing your cardio-vascular endurance. Researchers at the University of Glasgow have found in a study over 5 years cuts the chance of Heart Disease and Cancer in half.

Cycling will make you smarter, forget reading and brain teasers jump on your bike and increase brain power! Exercise is continually linked to brain health . Scientists have found the blood flowto your brain rose up to 70% during exercise and remained up by 40% after exercise. So you could put passing an exam or a promotion in work down to your bike!

If you are naturally a clumsy person cycling can help your balance and co-ordination.


Nobody feels like they spend enough time simply having fun with their family, turn cycling into family time. Cycling has the broadest appeal to people of all ages – his interest could turn into a family hobby!

So with all of these reasons you can see that you’ve made the right choice, or we have turned your temptation into a must!
Don’t forget the comments, we want to hear how cycling has benefited your life, or if your thinking of taking up cycling what is drawing you to it?


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