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Are you fully prepared for racing over the winter?

October 19th, 2018 | by Events Staff
Are you fully prepared for racing over the winter?

The run up to Christmas takes its toll on everyone – fatigue, illness and stress can be costly in the latter part of the season, and even heading into next year. So here’s a checks to make sure you’re best prepared for the months to come, and that you don’t waste money on an event you won’t be able to finish!

Check your heart rate –
If it’s a lot higher than normal, then it’s best that you don’t go signing up for that Ironman in a few days time. Similarly, if you’ve suffered with a cold or just don’t feel yourself, you’ll probably find it tougher than you expected. Make sure you’re at the peak of your form before tackling anything in the colder months.

Weight loss or gain –
Fatigue, especially nearer the end of the season, can have big implications on your appetite. Eating more sugary foods, or alternatively not eating at all, can affect your weight in a big way. If you’re finding yourself to fit into this category, you should probably take a little more time to fully recover.

Are people on side? –
Training for events can strain relationships with family and friends, so if you find yourself feeling a little stressed or anxious around your loved ones, it may be time to put the racing on hold for a while. Spend time with them on your days off and relax with them over Christmas – after all, you want them to be at the finish line cheering you on next season, don’t you?

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