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Transformation Tuesday

February 7th, 2017 | by Annie Lewis
Transformation Tuesday

Well, if you were looking for a reason to skip training tonight, you won’t find it here!
Take away 6 Stone and add 5 Marathons, 10 ½ Marathons, 6 10K’s, 1 Sprint Triathlon, and 2 70.3 IronMan races and soon to be a Long Course Weekend Triathlete.

Mike Tubb is 41 years old from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, and in 2013 you’d find Mike of an evening slouched on his sofa, sipping a beer or maybe on his 37th cigarette of the day, oh and weighing in at 21.5st.

When one day in, 2013 Mike overheard a former colleague speaking of his Triathlon training for an upcoming event, and he found himself especially intrigued, if not even a little jealous!

Mike then bit the bullet, taking the risk he entered a Sprint Triathlon in Warwickshire and gave himself exactly 6 weeks to turn his life around. In 6 weeks he had to stop smoking…and also learn to Swim, Cycle and Run!
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As soon as Mike completed his first Triathlon Sprint, that evening he signed himself up for the London Marathon!
Mike had been bitten by the Triathlon Bug – today you won’t find him reclining on his sofa, or smoking 40 cigarettes a day. Today Mike, even though his working day runs from 6:30am to 6:00pm follows a strict training plan, Swimming 3 times a week, Cycling 3 times a week and Running 5 times and skipping training means forfeiting a rest day.
For Mike staying committed to training is vital, he states you can be lazy and struggle or train and enjoy it!

Just over three years after deciding to change his life Mike is soon to be Long Course Weekend athlete.

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Mike signed up for the Long Course Weekend 2017 after watching the highlights on TV while clocking up the miles on his treadmill. He was then hooked, looking to up his distances, and raise the bar, the next challenge for Mike had to be Long Course Weekend.

The biggest challenge to Mike is the Cycle, he told us that facing our renowned hilly Marathon off the back of a 112 mile cycle will be a new experience in itself for him! In the build up to Long Course Weekend 2017, you may see Mike training what will be the course around Pembrokeshire.

Mike’s word of advice to all new comers ahead of LCW 2017 “Trust in your training, you’ve put in the effort”

If you, like Mike have found yourself almost envious during Long Course Weekend, let this be the day you begin, sign up to Long Course Weekend 2017 today!


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