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9 Open Water Swimming Tips

December 4th, 2018 | by Sarah Wills
9 Open Water Swimming Tips

9 Open Water Swimming Tips

open water swimming
We have put together a few swimming tips for you.

Maybe this year is your first open water swimming event? Maybe it isn’t but its been a while and you need a little refresh? What ever it is, a few tips never hurt anyone!

1. Keep Warm
If you didn’t already know, the sea is pretty cold, and our Welsh weather isn’t always much better. So keep warm in the sea, wear your Wetsuit, ear plugs and two caps if you have to, to keep your head warm!

2. Run
Run in as fast as you can, however, don’t run too far! Running up to your thighs will make it difficult for you to dive in. Run in until the water is up to your knees so you can get a good kick start to your swim.

3. Get some space
You’ve probably done the majority of training in a pool, so this is going to feel crowded compared. Get out there fast, try to keep some space around you so you can get a good kick in, without giving or getting a kickin’!

4. Goggles
Although you might want to keep your new flashy gear for race day, don’t wait for race day to tryout your new goggles! Make sure they fit well and are comfy and do the job for your swim.

5. Start fast
Start with a fast run and also a fast swim, get yourself some space, then you can set your pace!

6. Practice Practice Practice
Open water swimming has many more factors than pool swimming. Practice can make sure you are used to the elements, and used to your goggles and Wetsuit and the temperature. Try if you can to get in as much practice as you can!

7. Sight
Without lanes and clear waters to keep you straight, you need to learn to sight your path. Looking up too much and too high will dip your hips and use vital energy. So use a large stationary point to sight, buoys can be sometimes to small to see, so you will end up raising your head high to see your path. Pick a mountain or tree beyond the buoy, so you can lift your head just above goggle line to ensure your on the right track!

8. Swim out
When making your exit, swim as far as you can, keep your stroke until you feel the sand on your hands, so you are able to push yourself up by your hands and steady your self ready for a quick exit!

9. Keep Calm
Keep calm and do not let your nerves get the better of you. Everyone is nervous, you have trained for this, you can do it, so enjoy it!

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