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The Benefits of Entering a Race Early

November 23rd, 2018 | by Sarah Wills
The Benefits of Entering a Race Early

The benefits of entering a race early


You’ve seen an event open, your definitely going to do it.
Maybe you watched last year,  supported or caught the highlights on TV and maybe you only just missed out on entering the race.
But you still don’t enter it the day it opens, you still put it off, and here is the reason that’s an error…

Ironman Wales Pembrokeshire 2017

1. Sign up early and you’re more likely to complete the race!
Late registration might leave you not ready, with panic adding to your nerves that you won’t complete the race!
It can leave you with the possibility of training too hard and gaining an injury.
You might be surprised at how many ‘I’m not ready’ melt downs we hear, don’t you want to approach that day confident?

2. It’s Cheaper
If your old or new found hobby is triathlons then you’ll know you haven’t picked the cheapest sports.
The bike, the shoes, the wetsuits, oh and then add the race costs.
The only way to keep race costs down. Early bird offers, enter early and save yourself some serious money.

3. First Pick
Entering early means your organised, you can get first pick of everything.
Booking your flights if it is abroad (the sooner you book them the cheaper they’ll be), accommodation, you’ll get your pick of where you want to stay before everywhere is full.
You can book the nicest accommodation, somewhere close to the race, with parking and all those little extras that make you day (race) easier.

4. Don’t Miss Out
Forever thinking “I’ll enter tomorrow” can leave you missing out all together.
Putting off signing up can leave you one of the many who just miss the closing and beg for a waiting list or a cancellation!


There are just 4 of the many reasons why you should enter a race early, you don’t want to be ill-prepared, not ready, out of pocket with no where to stay or even worse on the sidelines watching all of those who didn’t miss out.

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