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Tempted to Tri? Tips for beginners!

November 13th, 2018 | by Sarah Wills
Tempted to Tri? Tips for beginners!

Tempted to Tri? Here’s a few tips if you are considering it, or you are signed up for your first…

Triathlon has to be up there with one of the fasted growing sports in the world we think, it has never been so popular to be a Triathlete!

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We love to hear the reasons why people choose to take part in our events, from ‘I promised myself I would do it before I turned 50’ to ‘I lost a bet in the pub’. Many people watched a previous year and just wanted to be in the thick of the unmatched Triathlon atmosphere.
But…just because you lost a bet, or want to celebrate your birthday in a different way this year, doesn’t make you automatically Tri-ready!
You may be a Triathlete in the making, so, we have put together a few beginners’ tips!
Have a ready through if you can think of any great ones comment them, then share this with your friends, a family member, your partner, a colleague, anyone who you know has been tempted to start but might know where to. Or just someone you know is a little nervous for their upcoming first event.

1. Try out a Sprint Distance before a full Long Course Distance
We at Activity Wales Events have a range of race distances, sprints, middle and long distances. Start off with a sprint distance and build yourself up – set them as goals!

Suadersfoot Triathlon

2. It doesn’t have to take over your life
…if you don’t want it to. Many people get bitten buy the Tri bug and cannot get enough, but don’t think that to join in, and be a Triathlete you have to give up 30 hours a week to training. You can be ready for a sprint triathlon with around 4-5 hours a week doable training.

3. Get yourself some running shoes
Get down to a good shoe shop where you can get yourself correctly fitted in shoes that are right for you. They’ll ask you all the right questions and can test your run. This can reduce the risk of injury and even aid a long standing niggley running pain.


4. It’s ok to be nervous
At the Mumbles Duathlon this year, the first race of our season we saw record numbers of first timers, and they all finished – Even though at briefing every one of them raised their hands at the question ‘Are you worried you’ll be the only one not to finish?’
As a beginner you are never alone!

5. Write yourself a list
Imagine you are packing to go on holiday, we have all had that sinking feeling when your half way to the airport that you’ve left your passport on the counter. That would be like forgetting your goggles, or your ID to register, all that training, preparation and you can’t even register for the race? Unimaginable!
Write yourself a check list prior to race day and physically tick it off – you don’t have to be a beginner to forget something.
Be fully prepared, don’t add unnecessary stress to your day.

6. Reserve some energy
If this is your first event you might get swept up with the crowd, nerves and excitement. Pace yourself and find your own rhythm…Build yourself up don’t burn yourself out!

7. Landmark your transition
If your new to Tri then transition can be a daunting place.
When making your little home at transition, it can sometimes be in the very early, rarely seen hours of the morning, with a belly full of butterflies, which can sometimes be a blur. Your little transition home can be then be hard to find when you are running around mid-race with everyone else doing the same thing. Pick something to landmark your spot, something that stands out around you (not someone else’s bike, they may be ahead of you…and you might spend the rest of the race searching)

Suadersfoot Triathlon

8. Enjoy
Most importantly of all do not forget to enjoy the day, there really is no atmosphere like the one at a triathlon.
You’ve done all you can, so keep calm and enjoy your Race Day!

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