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5 Of The Best Things About Triathlon Off Season!

November 19th, 2018 | by Sarah Wills
5 Of The Best Things About Triathlon Off Season!

5 Of The Best Things About Triathlon Off Season


Yes, use this time to rest, recuperate and recover.
Take this time and spend it with family and friends the ones you may have neglected due to your triathlon training (we all know this happens), triathlon can swallow up any free time you had so enjoy your off seasons because the 2019 Triathlon year will be here before you know it!



Use your off season time to plan your next Triathlon season, like we said the next Triathlon year will be here before you know it, so you don’t want to miss out purely down to poor planning!
So here is a list of our 2019 events, lock in some and keep your Triathlon motivation going throughout your off season.
During this time, by planning the events you want to take part in you can plan your training schedule, to make sure you are ready for each event!

young woman lying while getting a leg massage from specialist concept of physiotherapy. Close up

Yes we did already say rest but you also need to recover, take care of your body, and focus upon any niggly injuries.
Take up a less intense exercise regime and focus upon strengthening your body and developing your balance rather than going hard in an attempt to rack up training miles!


Look Back

Look back at your Triathlon past and figure out if you could what would you change?
Are there any events you wish you did? Knowing what you want to be a part of in 2019 will help you finance your races, you know as well as we do that you haven’t chose the cheapest of interests and Triathlon costs can mount up, so why not manage the costs.
You can manage costs by knowing what events you want to be part of, this will help you avoid last minute entries which usually hold a higher price.


Thinking Ahead

Planning will help you manage your spend as you will be in a position to save bit by bit for the higher costing races, and it won’t feel like Triathlon is breaking your bank!
Also take a look back at how you did, your strengths and weaknesses – do any of the three disciplines need work? What should you be focusing more on in your training?
Would it be worthwhile to take a swimming lesson, or a spin class in order to refine your technique?

As a whole, looking at the points above, it will give you a chance to analyse your Triathlon life.
Analysing can give you an insight into your tri/life balance, see where it is and if it is where you want it to be.
Analyse your injuries and take the time you need to fix them.
Analyse your races to find out which disciplines need your focus. Preparation in key to a great 2019 Triathlon year!


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