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June 5th, 2018 | by Events Staff


We have spoke about who VIVOBAREFOOT are, what they do and how their shoes are unlike anything you have walked in before.
We have highlighted the the damage your regular shoes are doing to your feet possibly hindering your performance as an athlete, but here is something new from VIVOBAREFOOT that we think you are going to want to know about…


VIVOBAREFOOT and OTILLO have launched a new set to be a game changer to Swimrun!
VIVO’s Swimrun shoe is designed for all you amphibian athletes with no time to spare, this shoe is built to cover the distance in sea and on land.
Do we have you attention? Want to know more about this ground breaking shoe? Here’s the breakdown why this shoe’s about to be on your wishlist…


– The Primus Trail Swimrun shoe has VIVOBAREFOOT’s classic foot shaped shoe, providing you with unrestricted foot freedom.

– With a socklike neoprene ankle fit, The Primus Trail Swimrun shoe ensures no little nasties can get in while providing you with full ankle mobility.

– The Primus Trail Swimrun shoe is quick dry, by pumping out water with every stride when you hit dry land.

– This Swimrun shoe has water repellent mesh for a minimal wet weight!

– A sticky orange rubber sole with low-profile lugs for wet/dry rock grip and partner visibility when your on the swim section.


We are guessing by now you have decided that this is the shoe for you, that it is a must have for all you Swimrun and Triathlon athletes.
We are about to put the cherry on the cake, VIVOBAREFOOT have given us an exclusive 25% discount for all our athletes to enjoy not only the Primus Trail Swimrun shoe BUT ALL shoes (excluding children’s and hand cuts)  with discount code SLR25
VIVOBAREFOOT will have the Swimrun shoe at The Wales Triathlon Show to be tried out!
To purchase a pair of these sought after Swimrun shoe’s click HERE.

Head to VIVOBAREFOOT’s website by clicking HERE to find out more about all their shoes from running to  swimrun to everyday footwear to walking boots!
Learn the amazing history behind VIVOBAREFOOT and the importance of foot health and how to increase foot strength to make you a stronger athlete and reduce injuries.

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