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Beginners Guide to Triathlon

May 2nd, 2018 | by Sarah Wills
Beginners Guide to Triathlon

Well done for taking the first step and deciding to complete a triathlon!  The first step is always the hardest and everyone has to start somewhere.

We have created some tips for you, with the help of Zone 3, which includes training tips, plans and kit suggestions.

10 Reasons to give it a Tri – 10 reasons why doing a triathlon is great.


Top Triathlon Training Tips – With the help of one of our ambassadors, Mark Kleathous, we have come up with a guide of training tips and a beginners plan for the last 8 weeks of training. Mark has completed over 500+ triathlons, and is now a full time triathlon coach.


Training Plan – You can successfully complete triathlon training by consistently training for 8-14 weeks as discussed, training up to 6 times per week. Some sessions can be back to back.

Mumbles Duathlon-32

Triathlon Kit List – The top advice we will give when it comes to kit is to prioritize your comfort, and wear kit that will keep you warm. These are the top picks in kit that we advise for your first triathlon! When it comes to kit, always train in the kit that you will be wearing for the race for a while prior to the race, to ensure that everything is comfortable and worn in. You don’t want any bad surprises on race day!


Transition Tips – You should also make sure you practice the transitions, T1 is the swim to cycle and T2 is the cycle to run.

Mumbles Duathlon 5

A-Z of Triathlon Terms – Read terms that you don’t know the meaning of? Find an A-Z of every triathlon-related term and their definitions here.


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