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Gower & Fancy Dress Triathlon

September 20th, 2017 | by Annie Lewis
Gower & Fancy Dress Triathlon

Gower and Fancy Dress Triathlon!

Gower Olympic distance Triathlon and Fancy Dress sprint distance took place on the weekend, Saturday 16th September 2017.

This year both events had an afternoon start time of 2pm for the Gower Olympic Triathlon and 2:30pm for the Fancy Dress Triathlon.

With many familiar faces also came a great amount of new comers and first timers that took on both events.
Both events were a beach start which saw athletes run into the water from from the sand – which is a great benefit of both of these events for spectators to get close to the action.

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With a yellow weather warning coming the morning of. The wind was strong which made for a challenging swim for the athletes, once completing the swim a run up the beach to a great crowd took athletes to transition and onto their bike leg.
The weather kept at bay for all of the spectators and the finish line scene was a sunny celebration location all day but in the heights of the bike leg the athletes saw a down pour adding challenge to their day (but on the bright side cooling them off?)


The Fancy Dress Triathlon saw some amazing costumes from Mermaids, super heroes, sumo wrestlers to three blind mice as a relay team! The Fancy Dress Tri is a great event to take part in if you are a first timer, as part of a team, for charity of just for a bit of fun!

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Gower Olympic distance is a great challenge, maybe a step from from a sprint triathlon, another great one for taking on as part of team or an end to your triathlon season. It is not one to miss with a great atmosphere, another fantastic location and fab medals to add to or start off your collection!

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Until next year Gower!

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