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Why The Wales Swim is Amazing

August 10th, 2017 | by Annie Lewis
Why The Wales Swim is Amazing

Why The Wales Swim Is Not To Be Missed


Fancy a swim? A trip to Tenby or being cheered on by the most enthusiastic crowd you have ever seen?
Well The Wales Swim gives you all of the above and more, and here is why it is not an event you want to miss.


It is the perfect location, if your local then we don’t need to explain why Tenby is amazing (and this event is on your door stop).
If you needed an excuse to visit this perfect little seaside town then you’ve got it…
Tenby and Pembrokeshire as a whole is jam packed with restaurants, breath taking coastal path walks and cosy pubs. Tenby has something for everyone and a colourful harbour that will make your iPhone pictures look professional.

You get some impressive race bling. The Wales Swim medal is the perfect representation of what you’ve achieved  – one you’ll want to show off.
Complete the weekend’s whole events and get a medal that fits together to form your full Long Course Weekend Triathlon picture.


The Wales Swim atmosphere is second to none.
Crowds of supporters line the beach and railings overlooking as far as you can see. Roaring cheers will set off your race along with celebratory fireworks and the perfect music to get you int the mood.
You will really struggle to find this atmosphere anywhere else, and you are only a short walk into the town if you want to carry on the celebrations.


Do you have little athletes? You can get them involved with Taff Kids, which takes place before The Wales Swim and sees mini athletes get stuck in in a splash and dash race.
They get a medal, t-shirt and free Folly Farm entry (another great reason to visit Pembrokeshire – you and your little one will love Folly Farm).

IMG_4962 IMG_5128

Forget going to the aquarium, you can swim alongside real life Jelly fish at The Wales Swim…
I know, talk about value for your money – you could be getting a sea life experience. Jokes aside there’s is a chance you may see a jelly or two..something we can’t control but most will be friendly and just wanting to be part of this great race.


If those reasons along with the pictures aren’t proof that this swim is amazing then you’re just going to have to enter and see for yourself, enter today before any further price increases…


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