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VIVO Barefoot

April 26th, 2017 | by Annie Lewis
VIVO Barefoot

In endurance events foot strength is pretty high on the list of importance, but do we really know how to look after our feet?
We sat down with VIVO Barefoot who really showed us the error of our ways, and just how simple it is to look after your feet!

Here’s a little break down of what you need to know…

Healthy feet are down to the evolution of good movement, over the last 2 million years evolution has come up with some pretty good bits of kit to stand, walk and run…YOUR FEET!

But…and there is always a but, we have compromised these amazing tools! We have damaged our healthy, strong feet by wearing narrow shoes with extreme padding.
By doing so we have cause unnecessary injuries and recurring problems for our feet (did you know 3/4 of the adult population have problems with their feet).
There is good news, VIVO Barefoot let us know how you can reverse this, our feet adapt very quickly, which is why they loose that sturdy foot shape when squeezed daily into narrow ill-fitting shoes!

If you start to wear VIVO shoes in your everyday life, you will see your feet start to change back to their natural shape – foot-shaped, not shoe-shaped!

Making this change to VIVO footwear will enable the hundreds of intrinsic muscles in your feet to dramatically strengthen, and when it comes to Triathlon, even the individual disciplines alone, stronger feet will only put you at a natural advantage!
Walking alone puts a great amound of pressure on your feet…let alone Marathon running, VIVO let us know that the pressure we put on our feet everyday exceeds the weight of 80 elephants!!

We will have amazing offers, information and tips coming from VIVO Barefoot very soon so keep up to date!

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