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Why Do I Need Insurance??

April 25th, 2017 | by Annie Lewis
Why Do I Need Insurance??

Are you thinking…Why do I need insurance for my Bike?


Whether this is your first attempt at Long Course Weekend, Swansea Triathlon, The Wales Triathlon or you are an experienced triathlete trying to set a new personal best and lap up the astounding atmosphere, you should consider making insurance part of your triathlete kit!

We know being a triathlete takes up a huge chunk of your time, you put in hour after hour, mile after mile of training, we can also appreciate it can consume a chunk out of your finances too (it is three sports after all). You part with more pounds than you would probably like to admit for your bike, wetsuit, cycling accessories…oh and not to mention race entry fee’s (we know all races aren’t as reasonable as ours).

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So are you going to part with a small fortune for the gear to help get you across that finish line in record time, but not protect it from the unexpected? No we didn’t think so…

We caught up with Triathlonguard who let us know why making sure you have insurance for you bike is so important!

Triathlonguard specialises in providing insurance cover for the UK’s triathletes and could help with the financial impact if the unexpected was to happen, whether that’s theft or accidental damage to your bike. You can also choose to cover up to £1,000 of your triathlon related accessories, such as your wetsuit, goggles, cycling helmet, as we know the cost for these can soon mount up too. Triathlonguard can even provide cover against accidental damage caused by you to a third party or their property.

‘I can just put my bike on my household insurance right?’ You might be able to and this may seem like the easier option, however it’s worth checking the level of cover included, as many household insurance policies won’t provide cover for public liability, racing, accidental damage or theft of your bike if it is stolen away from home or even whilst you are riding it…a pretty important cover feature! 

Triathlonguard understands the importance of your bike and the inconvenience of being left without it.  That’s why they also provide a bike hire feature which means, should you need to make a claim you won’t have to miss out on valuable training hours or even a race that you have worked so hard towards, whilst you wait for yours to be replaced or repaired (subject to an approved claim). 

To make sure you are protected and to take advantage of the 10% discount available for new customers (applied to first year’s premium only) visit:

Discount valid until 31/12/17.

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