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Marcus Hultgren LCW Winner 2016

April 4th, 2017 | by Annie Lewis
Marcus Hultgren LCW Winner 2016

Meet Marcus

You may recognise Marcus, he was on top of the podium at Long Course Weekend 2016.
Swedish pro athlete and winner of The Long Course Weekend in 2016 –
he is back for 2017 to defend his title along with Tracy Markham female Winner.

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We managed to grab Marcus’ attention from swimming, cycling or running to quiz him on how he felt about swimming cycling and running….
Marcus has shared with us what he thought of LCW 2016, what he is thinking about coming back this year and a few Tri tips and tricks for his fellow Long Course Weekend athletes!

Marcus is back defending his podium position, he feels the pressure might be put on him this year.

Marcus told us his focus had been predominantly running for the first half of the winter.
So he is hoping his run will have improved from last year with an aim of a completing a 2 hours 50 minute Marathon on the last day of the LCW in July!

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However setting times is importance for training Marcus being a pro athlete doesn’t advise to clock watch, our Pembrokeshire weather is unpredictable and the conditions could set back your goals, as Marcus reminisces of the weather on the LCW cycle last year
– he could improve upon that with sunny weather and no wind – but you just don’t know what mother nature will have in store.
The Welsh weather may just choose to challenge you athletes!

Marcus highlights how much of a mental battle Triathlons can be.
We asked him what his biggest challenge was and how he sets about overcoming this
– like so many others Marcus understands the magnitude of the mental aspect to Triathlons and the part they play.
This winter Marcus focused upon working on his mind, so this year it is unable to hold him back.

We’ve previously outlined the benefits of introducing Yoga into your Tri training regime and Pro Triathlete Marcus confirms this;
he does a short Yoga session every morning. It is important to have a strong core and Yoga is an amazing exercise to increase this.


About his training Marcus, who is always in amazing parts of the world, he trains outside all year round to get the real strength training;
cycling up mountains of Fuerteventura contributes to his leg strength training, the constant wind improves core strength and aero position training.
He does the same when it comes to running, and hit some hard trails!

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Marcus’ First Timers Advise;

We asked Marcus, being a professional triathlete, and also reigning LCW 2016 winner what would your advice be for a LCW first timer?
His advice was to go hard, give all you have got in every discipline, don’t save up too much energy like you would for a regular triathlon
…Long Course Weekend is not your regular Triathlon!

Recover!!! Marcus advises to focus 100% on your recovery after each discipline, eat, sleep, get a massage and leave the post race alcohol until your celebration Sunday.
Also fully prepare in training, Marcus states the LCW has a killer run course so get in hill training, and do your long runs the day after your long rides, preparation is key people!

“Don’t forget to enjoy training and racing, if it gets tough just stop and think why you love this and why you do it!” Marcus Hultgren


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