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TrueStart Perfromance Coffee Powers ‘The Wales Swim’

March 29th, 2017 | by Annie Lewis
TrueStart Perfromance Coffee Powers ‘The Wales Swim’

We have another exciting announcement at Activity Wales Events for The Long Course Weekend…

We have teamed up with TrueStart Performance Coffee for The Long Course Weekend, as our official Coffee Partner!

TrueStart’s products are precisely caffeinated to give you a healthy dose of energy, the caffeine level in their coffee and energy bars doesn’t vary…as it can in other coffees so you never ‘crash’
– with the performance coffee having 95mg of natural caffeine in each scoop .
TrueStart’s Performance Coffee uses Colombian Arabica is regulated, so you always receive the same healthy boost, using only natural synthetic free ingredients.


TrueStart have rocketed due to their high quality products everyone wants to try out these stand out, unique products, which is exactly what we want available to our athletes
– healthy natural energy to power you through long training days and leave you feeling ready to tackle The Long Course Weekend
…oh and all the while being incredibly tasty!

The products they sell on are their Performance Coffee in a range of sizes
– this is great as it can be used with cold or hot water, you can purchase small sachets to take with you on the go!
Also a wide flavour rage of Hero energy bars, prepare to be intrigued with these flavours and believe us they are as amazing and delicious as they sound…from Coffee and Peanut Butter to Coffee and Beetroot?!


The Wales Swim 2017 is Powered by TrueStart Coffee, where cold and hot Coffee shots will be available at the start of The Wales Swim
but don’t worry if you aren’t taking part on the Friday of The Long Course Weekend, TrueStart will be present all weekend through the cycle and the run, prepping athletes and at feed stations providing the perfect pick me up!

Not only will this great partnership bring a whole different range of nutrition to all you athletes or aspiring athletes but a great amount of knowledge and insight on Caffeine and Coffee in particular, myth busting all the things you thought about Coffee
– prepare for some interesting reads that will leave you desperate to get your hands on these amazing products.

Shop TrueStart Coffee HERE!


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