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Meet our New Nutrition Partners…TORQ

March 23rd, 2017 | by Annie Lewis
Meet our New Nutrition Partners…TORQ

We are extremely excited to announce that Torq Fitness are our new Nutrition Partners across all Activity Wales Events.
Athletes you are in for a treat in 2017 with what Torq have to offer.

Been living under a rock and unsure who Torq are? Ok then, let’s Talk about Torq…

Torq are first and foremost a fitness consultancy, their firm roots into fitness consultancy, and back grounds in Mountain Biking and endurance sports has provided them with unbelievable knowledge when it comes to nutrition, finding what is best for you  and your need.

Torq has a vast range of Performance Nutrition, with a prominent selection of energy bars and drinks. All these products are fully naturally sourced, using advanced components Torq’s nutrition products represent the most influential and important supplements available. Their passion for fitness and nutrition and back ground in fitness consultancy means Torq do not and will not cut corners..which is exactly why we cannot wait to introduce Torq to our Activity Wales Events athletes!

These products have refined and perfected and used by the best of the best, such as elite cross country riders, Downhiller’s and 24 Hour Soloists. Their products have been up to Mount Everest, and all the way to The North Pole!

Torq nutrition is must-have for elite Triathletes, used in UK Motorsports, by Fire Fighters, and within the highest level of Football.

Head over to Torq’s website for the full information on each product that is available and to find the best suited to yourself and the conditions of your sport and your needs.
Torq nutrition highlights how each athlete is different therefore is in need of different nutrition, their website is refined to specifically tell you the number of ‘Torq Units’ you may require.

This means you need to keep your eyes peeled for what Torq will have available to you Activity Wales Events athletes, prepare for some exclusivity, tips, tricks, and most importantly a great amount of knowledge on amazing products!
You will all have the chance to meet the Torq team and their products at a number of our events this year, and we hope your as excited as we are!

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