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5 Reasons You Should Use Caffeine In Training

March 31st, 2017 | by Annie Lewis
5 Reasons You Should Use Caffeine In Training

5 Reasons You Should Use Caffeine in Training


We caught up with Helena, CEO and Co-founder of TrueStart Performance Coffee to find out the benefits of including caffeine in your training routine!
She gave us some pretty impressive insight into the advantages caffeine can have.

A study has shown that 3 in 4 athletes consume caffeine before or during training, these figures show it is fast becoming the norm and here is why…

1. Improve Your Focus & Mental Performance
Even consuming low doses of caffeine can improve your mood, alertness, vigilance and your cognitive process during and after exercise – resulting in you getting the maximum from your training session due to being much more focused

2. Go Faster
Focused on your PB? Just cannot beat that last time? Who doesn’t want to improve, and if you can go faster by simply introducing caffeine into your training regime you’ll wish you started shotting espresso’s yesterday!
Helena told us that in a study on runners, it highlighted that the ingestion of caffeinated coffee enhanced their speed, therefore overall performance of sustained high-intensity exercise!

3. Train Harder
Caffeine has been shown to lower your rate of perceived exertion – which means you can push yourself harder!

4. Train Longer
Amazing news for all you triathletes, distance swimmers, marathon runners, and avid cyclists you endurance sport lovers! The intake of caffeine helps your body burn fat easier – this means you can use fat as an additional energy source and you don’t have to solely rely on your carb-stores, so you can go go go for longer!

5. Recover Faster
Tomorrow work out won’t be hindered by today’s! Studies show that consuming caffeine post-exercise helps your muscles to recover, by increasing the rate at which your body absorbs muscle glycogen.


But don’t over do it, with TrueStart Performance Coffee, you can keep a precise track on your intake.
Helena tells us how to redeem the benefits while staying healthy…

Too much caffeine can cause problems including jitters, heart palpitations and headaches. The European Food Safety Authority recommends that you try to limit your caffeine intake to 400mg per day (or 200mg when pregnant or breast feeding). This is an amount that they have researched to be safe.

Whether it’s a scoop sachet or Hero bar, one serving of TrueStart Coffee contains 95mg of caffeine, so you can enjoy four per day and feel confident that you’re safely under the recommended caffeine limit! With any other coffee, you could be pushed over your daily limit in just one serving.

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