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Tracy Markham LCW 2016 Winner

February 21st, 2017 | by Annie Lewis
Tracy Markham LCW 2016 Winner

Tracy Markham: Long Course Weekend 2016 Winner is BACK, and here is what she thinks about it…

South-African Tracy Markham, Long Course Weekend 2016 Winner is coming back to Pembrokeshire for 2017 to defend her winning title!
We grilled Tracy on winning, the pressures and 2017 training. Oh and a few helpful tips for all you LCW 2017 athletes!

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This year you will be returning as a winner, does this add a degree of pressure?
‘Most definitely! That said, the event is so special that I really don’t want it to get to me too much! I am going to focus on soaking up the energy each day and enjoying all that Tenby has to offer’

Tracy not only was the female Winner of LCW 2016 but also crowned Queen of The Hill with the two fastest sprints up St Brides hill! We asked Tracy, returning to Long Course Weekend for 2017, how has your training adapted now you know what to expect, and the answer was HILLS, even being the Queen of the Hill Tracy described just how tough those hills are and additional hill training is a must for 2017!

Although there is an added pressure for Tracy’s return to Pembrokeshire having done so well in 2016, but she states you just don’t know how your body will behave through each day of the event, so 100% effort is what she is aiming for.
This is how Tracy approached her training also..
What would you say is your biggest challenge and how do you overcome it?

‘My biggest challenge (aside from squishing in training alongside a full time job!) is that I am a bit of a perfectionist so if I can’t do a session 100% correctly or hit all my targets then I can get quite stressed out and frustrated. I have learnt (or rather, am still learning) that as long as I am giving 100% in each session then that is all that matters. Triathlon is all about the journey and not just about the destination!’

Tracy’s Coach Diana McPherson from Dinamic Coaching, helps structure Tracy’s season, helping her find the perfect balance between racing too much or not enough, she has a passion for racing so it sounds as if Diana has her work cut out.

More and more we are hearing from our athletes the benefits of other training methods for endurance sports, aside from swimming, cycling and running. Tracy adds Pilates to her functional training, stating the importance of keeping your body strong, agile and freely moving – although Triathlons are demanding it can be hard to fit these in and rack up your miles!

Tracy stated when It comes to Triathlon training, what couldn’t she live without is her Garmin and Power Meter


What would be your best advice for someone taking part in Long Course Weekend 2017 for the first time?

‘It is easy to get caught up in the worry about having to do something the next day.
My advice would be to stay in the moment and enjoy each event on its own. Rushing through things to get to the final day means you will miss out on the wonderful experience that each day has to offer.
On a practical note, do make recovery a focus, so make sure you have the right things to eat and drink after each event as well as your recovery gear (e.g. compression socks)’

Being an experienced Triathlete do you have any tips?

‘Stay focused on the moment, both in racing and training. Do your best in each 5min and the end result will be, well, your best!
Never forget about the other disciplines… rest and nutrition. You can only train as hard as you can rest.

Enjoy it. It sounds so trivial but you can, too easily, get caught up in the numbers and tick boxes that you lose sight of why you started in the first place.’

Keep an eye out for Tracy at Long Course Weekend 2017!


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