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Treat Tuesday

January 24th, 2017 | by Annie Lewis
Treat Tuesday

tt   If it was a long old Monday for you, and your Sunday cheat day feels like it was years ago, and miles away then look no further. We are bringing you three Guilt-Free (ish) desserts to cure that evening sweet tooth and eradicate that mid-afternoon craving.
All the while being fuss free with minimal prep, so these treats can become a lunch box regular.

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These delicious treats are prepped and ready to enjoy at any time, the only challenging part of this recipe is fighting the desire to scoff them all at once!

What You’ll Need: Directions:
–          2 x Bananas

–          1 Cup of Oats

–          ½ Cup of Chocolate Chips

–          Heaped table spoon of natural peanut butter

–          Mix all ingredients well

–          Portion the dough balls onto parchment paper

–          Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes

–          Enjoy

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Recipe taken from @myfussteater.

These aren’t as fast to make as the Chocolate Chip Cookies – but just as delicious, so definitely worth the wait to freeze.

What You’ll Need: Directions:
–          2 x Bananas

–          2 x Tablespoon of Honey

–          4 x Tablespoon of Cocoa Powder

–          500g Greek Yogurt

–          Mix the yogurt, honey and cocoa powder together.

–          Chop the banana into round bite sized slices.

–          Pour half of the yogurt mixture into a dish lined with parchment paper, add a layer of chopped bananas then add the rest of the mixture

–          Freeze for 2 to 3 hours or until solid

–          Cut into chunks.


Serve these frozen treats immediately or put back in the freezer – they’ll keep for up to 2 months!


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Chocolate Brownies are a firm favourite, crowd pleaser and regular diet spoiler. With this simple recipe you can indulge your sweet tooth, and be free of post brownie regret!

What You’ll Need: Directions:
–          6 x Eggs (separated)

–          70g Sweetener

–          60g Cocoa Powder

–          1 x Teaspoon of Vanilla Essence

–          Low Fat Cooking Spray (Fry Light)

–          Spray baking tray with Fry Light

–          Line with Baking Parchment Paper

–          Whisk Egg Whites, until they form soft peaks

–          Separate to the Egg Whites, Mix Yolks, Sweetener, Vanilla Essence and Cocoa

–          Fold in the Egg Whites

–          Pour mixture into tin

–          Bake for 25-30 Minutes

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