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How Will The Apple Watch Impact Your Training?

March 26th, 2015 | by Events Staff
How Will The Apple Watch Impact Your Training?

At the Apple’s “Spring Forward” event in San Francisco on Monday, the company announced that its highly anticipated Apple Watch will be available for in-store purchases on April 24.

The Apple Watch Sport comes in two sizes—38 and and 42 millimeters—and features a sport-style wristband with white, blue, green, pink and black color options. The 38-millimeter version is expected to retail for £299 while the 42-millimeter version is £339.

What does this mean for runners? And does it solve an unmet need? The impact remains to be seen given the prevalence of already available GPS-enabled running watches and tracking devices that don’t require you to use an iPhone. Runners and cyclists planning to use the water-resistant Apple Watch Sport—which is equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, a heart-rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope—must carry their iPhones (version 5 and above) with them to enable the GPS technology on their wrists and provide real-time data about pace, distance, heart rate and calories burned for various types of activities. The watch will work with Apple’s own Activity and Workout apps, as well as with third party fitness and tracking apps such as Strava, Nike+ and others.

“We want people to be healthier by being more active,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in the presentation. “[Apple Watch] tracks daily movement, how long you’re exercising and even reminds you if you’ve been sitting too long. Apple Watch will also send you reminders to be more active. In fact, on a Monday, it will send you a report on previous week and help you set goals for the next week. It’s like having a coach on your wrist.”

A custom-designed anodized aluminum case comes in silver or space gray and is 60 percent stronger than standard alloy—but still light enough to be comfortable for athletic activities, Apple senior vice president of design, Johnny Ive, said during the presentation. The display is protected by strengthened ion-X glass to protect against dings and scratches.

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