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Healthy Supermarket Options

January 10th, 2015 | by Events Staff
Healthy Supermarket Options

As you know, your food kitty doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. As a result, you might find yourself increasingly hemming and hawing over which foods to toss into your grocery cart. But the most nutrition-packed choice isn’t always obvious. Oats or granola? Almond butter or peanut butter? We’re sending several similar edibles to the ring to crown the nutritional champs.


Canola oil v Vegetable oil

The champ: Canola oil

Vegetable oils are often made with low-grade soybean, corn, cottonseed and/or sunflower oils that contain high levels of omega-6 fats. A diet with too many omega-6s and too few omega-3s can promote internal inflammation, raising the risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease and potentially slowing exercise recovery. With fewer omega-6 fats and more omega-3 ones, canola oil is a better option for home cooking. If you want to steer clear of genetically modified canola, opt for organic brands.


Chicken breast v Chicken thighs

The champ: Chicken thighs

Save money and boost flavor by joining the dark side. Surprisingly, darker, less expensive cuts of chicken such as thighs contain only one extra gram of fat than chicken breast per serving. A nutritional upgrade comes via twice as much iron and three times more immune-boosting zinc. Your taste buds will also appreciate that dark meat stays juicy during cooking rather than becoming parched like breast meat. But make sure to throw away the skin after cooking, since this is where high amounts of fat and calories are found.


Frozen blueberries v Fresh blueberries

The champ: Frozen blueberries

Frozen berries such as blueberries and raspberries are picked at peak ripeness and flash frozen very soon afterward to lock in nutrients, antioxidants and flavour. Fresh berries, when out of season, have been trucked in from afar, and probably had significant nutrient loss by the time they top your oatmeal. Frozen wild blueberries have been shown to be especially rich in disease-thwarting antioxidants.


Granola v Oats

The champ: Oats

Despite their health halo, many boxed granolas are heavily sweetened and calorie-dense. A better way to start your day is with plain oats, which can be jazzed up with berries, chopped nuts, seeds, cocoa powder and/or flaked coconut. Steel-cut oats are the heartiest and most filling, but rolled oats, quick-cook oats and even unsweetened instant oatmeal are also healthy options.


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