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Matt Trautman: The Christmas Wish List

December 16th, 2014 | by Events Staff
Matt Trautman: The Christmas Wish List

While the Long Course Weekend may still be a way off, there are a few items you may want to add to your Santa wish list, so you can get used to your gear and make sure there is no last minute rush come July.


Bike Equipment

Aerobars – If you plan on using a road bike for the race, one item which is going to save you the most time on race day is a set of clip-on aero bars. While it may be a draft legal race, there are certainly going to be times where you find yourself at the front of the pack or riding on your own. The aerodynamic advantage from a set of aerobars is the most cost effective speed gain you can buy.

Gearing – If you’re using a compact crank 50-34 you can get away with a 11-25/26 cassette, however if you’re using a standard crank 53-39 or bigger I would highly recommend using at least an 11-28 rear cassette. The 15% climb up Saundersfoot, is really steep and you’ll very much appreciate the smaller gearing especially on the 2nd lap. Being able to spin up some of the other steeper climbs is also going to help save your legs.

Tyres – Another relatively cheap upgrade which is going to save you time, is a new set of racing tyres. There are so many great options out there, what you should be looking for is good puncture protection combined with a low rolling resistance and great grip in the wet and dry. Personally I use Continental GP 4000S II, for all races, in all conditions, you just can’t go wrong here. Save your race tyres for racing though, put them on in race week to keep them in good nick.

Chain Catcher – There are many big to small chainring changes during the race, so don’t go wasting precious time and losing the peloton because you’ve dropped your chain, also make sure your chain is clean and your gears are shifting properly. These small things can make or break your race.



Wetsuit – Make sure you have a good fitting wetsuit that is flexible around the shoulder area, and has the neoprene in the right places. Again there are numerous options on the market. LCW wetsuit sponsor HUUB has a wide range to suit every budget and swim type, including the newly launched Archimedes 2, if you want the ultimate in wetsuit design and performance

Goggles – The swim takes place at 19:00pm in the evening and when you’re swimming back to the beach, which you do twice on the two loop course, you are sighting straight into the sun. So a pair of Polarized or tinted goggles is a must if you want to be able to see where you are going.



I won’t dare try and get into the “right running shoe debate”. All I will say though is make sure you’ve worn in your shoes a bit before race day. Ideally I would say at least 40 – 60 miles worth of running in your race shoes before you tackle the marathon. If you are going to train in one pair of shoes and race in another make sure they’re not two completely different types of shoe. While your race shoes may obviously be lighter and have less cushioning. You want a similar heel to toe drop and a similar fit for both shoes.

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