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Essential Pre-Ride Bike Checks

November 20th, 2014 | by Events Staff
Essential Pre-Ride Bike Checks

Being aware of the condition of your bike’s moving parts will save you time and money, as neglected parts can be pricey to replace and potentially dangerous if overlooked (think large gash in the sidewall of your tire). Run through this five-point checklist before every ride.

Check tyre pressure
In addition to checking how much air is in your tyres (it’s personal preference, but it’s best to not let tires get lower than 80–90 psi), you should also examine the shape and condition of the rubber and tread. If the tire looks squared off or if you see any cracks or gashes, it may be time for some new tires.

Test wheels and brakes
Give your wheels a spin and make sure the rims don’t rub on the brake pads or frame. Also keep an eye on the rim to see if the wheel wobbles, which indicates that the wheel is out of true and the spoke tension needs adjusting. Make sure your brakes are working properly by grabbing them to stop the spinning wheel.

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