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Reach The Top Of Your Game

May 15th, 2014 | by XE
Reach The Top Of Your Game

Long Course Weekend athlete and triathlon veteran Mike Tate talks about how Xendurance helped him get the best performances out of his body.

My names Mike Tate and with almost 25 years triathlon experience, I’ve gone from a novice, budgie smuggling wearing sprint distance athlete to where I am today – happiest racing long distance triathlons and ultra distance races. In July I will joining many thousands of other athletes at the Long Course Weekend.

In 2013 I raced four Iron distance races in 11 weeks which included the highlight of my triathlon career so far gaining a black t-shirt at the Norseman Extreme Triathlon in Norway. Triathlon is how I relax away from my hectic day job as a headteacher of five schools – four primary and a comprehensive. I need to make the most of my available training time so need to be able to back up hard sessions on consecutive days.

In March 2014 I started using Xendurance, I feel more recovered and ready for my next hard session and my body – especially my legs – than ever before. The lack of DOMS following tough sessions gives me a real bounce back feeling that allows me to train again sooner. Just by taking 3 tablets twice a day is giving me the ability to build real consistency to my year that will set me up for a successful season. Although its early days, I’ve been using Xendurance for just over a month – I’m impressed with the outcomes and look forward to how it is going to support my training throughout the year. I’ll keep you updated with my progress!

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