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Natural Running with Newton Running

May 15th, 2014 | by Newton
Natural Running with Newton Running

When you were a kid running on the beach or out in the streets, you didn’t need an instruction manual or a wedge of technology in your heel to help you run better. You just ran. And your form was perfect. That’s because our bodies instinctively know the fastest, most efficient way to run. That’s the heart and sole of natural form running.

Newton Running have created a range of running shoes that help you rediscover your natural running form. Newton Running was founded by a group of elite runners and coaches in Boulder, Colorado with a mission to help runners to go farther, faster with fewer injuries. The running shoes they created support and strengthen your natural motion, promoting the benefits of natural running including:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased speed
  • Lower impact on the body
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • A more enjoyable run

Natural Running Form

  • POSTURE: Find your proper posture by standing straight and tall, relaxing your shoulders, and looking to the horizon.
  • POSITION: Level your hips and slightly flex your knees and ankles. Relax your arms and bend them 45 to 90 degrees at the elbow.
  • CADENCE: Run in place, with your feet landing as close to your body as possible. Notice how you land relaxed and use your whole foot. Your stride will lengthen as you increase speed, but your cadence should be between 170 and 190 steps/minute for most running speeds. Stride lengthens with improved core strength and stability.

Newton Running Technology

Newton running shoes provide highly responsive cushioning and protection plus enhanced ground feel – a rare combination. All of the shoes are designed to provide a more level-to-the-ground platform with minimal drop – like your feet – to help you find the right position as you run.

Most running shoes utilize passive cushioning like EVA foam, gel or air that lose energy as they are engaged. Like a mattress, these materials flatten under your body weight over time. With Action/ReactionTM technology, runners immediately experience a highly responsive and engaging cushioning that protects and loses less energy with every step you take. Some people have described the cushioning as a “trampoline”.

Newton Running shoes are also designed with a minimal “drop” – or height difference – between the height of the heel and the ball of the foot. A more level-to-the-ground platform positions you to support a natural running motion.

Our feet are sensitive and brilliantly designed to ensure that we step efficiently and protectively. Unfortunately, highly cushioned shoes often obstruct this communication with the ground. Enter the Newton Running biomechanical sensor plate, which allows you to sense the ground better so you can stride more efficiently and with more stability – some might even say intelligently, the way nature intended. Some call this “neuromuscular” enhancement. The foot senses the ground and sends a message to the brain to tell the muscles what to do.

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