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Think Bikes! The AA’s cyclist awareness campaign

March 11th, 2014 | by Events Staff
Think Bikes! The AA’s cyclist awareness campaign

The AA has launched it’s national ‘Think Bikes!’ campaign, with the support of Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman and 20 times TT winner John McGuinness.

Failing to look properly when driving is the most commonly cited contributory factor in UK road accidents, according to reported road accidents in 2012. Following research into the subject, a staggering 93% of over 17,500 drivers surveyed, stated that they found it difficult to see cyclists, while 55% of those surveyed said they are often “surprised when a cyclist appears from nowhere”. This statistic has led to the decision by the AA to combat the issue of drivers failing to look properly.

Small, triangular stickers, which will be placed onto the wing mirrors of cars, are intended to act as a daily reminder to drivers that they need to check their blind spots before turning. Initially one million free stickers will be distributed as a reminder to do a ‘double-take’ for cycles and motorcycles in their mirrors and blind spots. It’s proposed that the cycle sticker is on the passenger’s side wing mirror and the motorcycle one on the driver’s side.

Commenting, Edmund King, AA president, said:

“The AA Think Bikes campaign is definitely needed when half of drivers are often surprised when a cyclist or motorcyclist ‘appears from nowhere’. Those on two wheels never appear from nowhere so as drivers we need to be more alert to other road users and this is where our stickers act as a daily reminder. Likewise riders need to be aware that they may not always be spotted by drivers. We hope that this campaign can reach the parts that other campaigns can’t reach.”

Chris Boardman, British Cycling’s policy adviser, said:

“Looking left and giving way to cyclists is a crucial part of improving safety on the roads. This is what happens on the continent and it should become part of our culture too. Of course, this rule is already written into the Highway Code – we just need to ensure that people are following it.”

Free stickers can be picked up from all Halfords outlets and will also be distributed by the police and directly to AA breakdown members in renewal and joining packs.

We hope that this move to improve awareness of cyclists will go a long way to ensuring the long term improvement of drivers giving more respect to cyclists, and help the number of collisions reduce dramatically.

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