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Launching the world’s first laser bicycle light!

December 11th, 2013 | by Events Staff
Launching the world’s first laser bicycle light!

Blaze – Launching the world’s first laser bicycle light! Do you think it’ll work, or just be ignored?

At Activity Wales Events we take our sport seriously, and like any other athlete we’re not happy until we’re hitting the target’s we’ve mentally set ourselves. More often than not, this means spending as much time as possible out training on the bike, and at this time of year it’s usually in the dark.

One of the highest causes of cyclist deaths is being knocked off the bike by a car which couldn’t see them in its blind spot – but with this new bit of kit from Blaze, that number we hope will soon be drastically reduced.

Nearly every athlete loves technology, especially when it makes your ride safer or faster. Blaze have created the world’s first laser light. It’s “the ultimate bicycle light by design and performance. Rechargeable, USB compatible and 100% waterproof”. What makes this unlike any other light out there, is that it shines a green laser onto the ground around 5-6 metres ahead of your bike, so that as cars pass you, or you pass static vehicles, they see the green bicycle symbol on the ground and know not to turn.

This piece of kit is a truly brilliant advance in cycling safety, and are available from early 2014. Now onto the damage – the Blaze laser light currently has a pre-order option on the website which will set you back £125, so it’s by no means cheap, but the real question is this… can you really put a price on your safety out on the road? I personally am throwing my money at my screen.

Let us know below what you think of this light… will it work, or will drivers still ignore it?

You can read more about the light here –

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